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[Jul. 17th, 2006|05:11 pm]
Camp Staff


-I am severely disappointed with my staff...someone played a prank on the Beaver staff cabin and duct taped all the pillows to the ceiling. That was funny. Then they left a note blaming the CIT's, and stole a hat and left it at the CIT tents. However, later that night, someone went to the CIT tents and ransacked them. Went through their trunks, pulled underwear out and put it all over the cabin, knocked things over, stepped on sleeping bags, etc. Nothing (they think) was taken. We got two of the CIT 3's to confess to the first prank, but they had nothing to do with the second prank, and I believe them. The rules for pranking at camp are: 1. Only to the staff, not the campers 2. You can take something that's sitting out, if you leave a note (cute, not scary) 3. You can't open anyone's bag and look through it or rummage through things. 4. It has to be easily cleaned up. No syrup, tp unwound and left in the cabin, ropes ala parent trap, etc. Notes are okay, rubber gloves blown up are okay, messy and gooey is not okay. CIT's were so scared after this incident that we ended up picking them up in the van and driving them into main camp because they thought it was some random person from the lake that came in and messed up all their stuff (extremely doubtful).

We gave them a super-huge lecture and took away pranking privledges and staff games for the entire summer...

I hate being mean ad staff.

[User Picture]From: shellcase
2006-07-18 01:19 am (UTC)
Pranks were pretty rare at at the camps I worked at.

But I do remember one summer when the camp's chief of staff (the head counselor over both the boys and girls campers) got his stuffed teddy bear "kidnapped". He got ransom notes and mysterious walkie-talkie calls.
Adventually the bear was "released" after the COS learned to laugh at it. While I don't know who actually took his bear, I did hear his wife was behind it.
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